School of Theater

2018 School of Theater!
Spring Semester:
January 8–March 15, 2018

Creative Theater Classes for Students Pre-K – Adult!

A class for everyone! Classes meet after school at Boise Contemporary Theater, 
854 Fulton Street in downtown Boise.

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School of Theater Spring Classes

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Story Theater – Ages 3 – 5
Each Saturday morning we read a new story and learn to make them come alive through our voices, bodies, imagination, and play.
Beginning Saturday 1/13 and ending Saturday 3/10.
A great way to introduce your young one to the excitement of imagination and literature!
Saturdays 10:00am – 11:00am ~ Cost $125

Page to Stage – Grades 1 – 3
Using new and exciting children’s literature, students will create their own performance from a story they choose. while learning basic performance techniques through fun, engaging games and activities. Complete with costumes and props, the students will perform their play making the class’ favorite story jump from the page to the stage.
Just right for the young actor with a big imagination!
Tuesdays 4:15pm – 5:45pm ~ Cost $165

Performance Play – Grades 4 – 6
Everyone gets a part, lines to explore, and a character as we bring a play to life. Using plays for young actors, students will learn the basics of acting while they experience the joy of producing a play.
A great challenge for the young actor!
Thursdays 4:15pm – 5:45pm ~ Cost $165

Broadway Basics! – Grades 1 – 3
Learn the basics of Broadway! Sing, dance, and act your heart out while experiencing the joy of musical theater. Set up in the style of musical revue, students will learn songs and choreography from selected Broadway musicals and contemporary favorites.
Perfect for the little “Annie” or the little “Oliver” in your family!
Thursdays 4:15pm – 5:45pm ~ Cost $165

Broadway Bound! – Grades 4 – 6
Sing, dance, act, and shine! In addition to learning foundational aspects of musical theater, students will have fun learning songs and choreography from both selected Broadway musicals and modern hits, all while learning to tell a story through music and movement.
A MUST for the rising star in your family!
Tuesdays 4:15pm – 5:45pm ~ Cost $165

Clowning Around! – Grades 7 – 12
Goofiness with a goal! Students will learn and build upon the physical and improvisational techniques that create comedy gold. A hilarious and fast-paced class, students will be performing in no time!
Perfect for anyone with a sense of humor and a big imagination!
Wednesdays 4:15pm – 5:45pm ~ Cost $165

Performance Intensive – Grades 7 – 12
Performance Intensives continue to be the pinnacle of success for students who have worked hard on their skills as an actor and can be a springboard to the ISF Apprentice Program. Students will learn and foster the building blocks of acting, as they collaborate on a fun and exciting performance that will display all they have learned in the 10 weeks. This class develops creativity, confidence, and character.
A necessary class for the pre-college actor.
Mon. & Tues. 6:00pm – 8:30pm ~ Cost $320

Adult Class!
Adult Acting Forum – Ages 18 – 101
You’re never too old to learn (or remember) the joy of performance. Students will expand and improve their acting skills in this new class that is tailored to the interests of the group. This forum can explore anything from improv to Shakespearean text to contemporary scene work. This class is for anyone who has ever been interested in performance or just interested in improving their public speaking and communication skills! This is the class for you!
You know you have always wanted to…
Tuesdays 7:00pm – 8:30pm ~ Cost $175

Final Performances for each class! – Date and time are TBA the week of March 12-15.

Arrival and Parking

The office of the Idaho Shakespeare Festival is at the corner of 9th and Fulton and is housed in the same building as Boise Contemporary Theater. There is parking to be found around the area and there are two pay lots directly across the street. Be careful about the No Parking signs, they are enforced. Do not park in the Esther Simplot Performing Arts Complex lots – those are private parking. You’ll see the signs.

There’s a big porch at Boise Contemporary Theater and students come in the big silver front doors, through the Lobby area and downstairs to their classes (Classrooms A, B, and C). The Instructorst will be there waiting for their students to arrive.

As a reminder, we do not have pre or post class child care – please be prompt in picking up your student. You can come into the Lobby of the Boise Contemporary Theater to wait for your child or pick them up outside. The teachers will not allow any student to leave the theater porch area until you arrive.


Parent Information

Arrival and Departure

The teachers will be waiting for your student in the classrooms downstairs. It is very important that you pick up your student ON TIME. We are sorry but we do not have child care available for after class times.

Water & Snacks

Please send a water bottle with your student. Acting is thirsty work! If your child needs to have a snack, feel free to send something small and easy for him or her to handle.


Short skirts, bare middles, tight clothing — no fun! If the student is afraid of something showing, all that creativity will go right out the window. Please have your student wear loose, easy-going clothing! It’s time to play and have fun!


We have found that students participate more fully and are more focused when loved ones are not present. If you would like, you may stay for the first 20 minutes of their first class, but if you stay you will have to play! We will take good care of your children and you are invited to see all the wonderful work they’ve done at their final performance. If there are special circumstances please contact our education manager,


It’s all about play and we want all our students to have lots of fun and enjoy the creative experience! So if a student becomes disruptive instead of joining in — we just use the “time out” method and invite the student to rejoin the group when they’re ready. However, if behavior becomes an issue, we’ll contact you to help us.

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