Idaho Shakespeare Festival expands its scope and deepens its roots

By Dana Oland, Treasure Magazine- Published 8/13/10 A hot breeze wafts through as trees rustle and flowers sway. Eagles soar overhead; the river hurries past. This is not your typical night at the theater. You’re at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, where the fare on stage this season includes Shakespearean comedy and tragedy, a batty […]

Q&A with the Idaho Shakespeare Festival’s Lina Chambers

By Dana Oland- Published 8/15/10 When Lina Chambers opened the e-mail from ISF artistic director Charlie Fee telling her she was cast in the Idaho Shakespeare Festival’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” she did a little dance. “I remember I screamed,” says the tall, willowy blonde. “I’ve got it saved in my in-box. I’ll probably […]

‘Othello’ is a moving must-see

By Gracy Howard | 0 comments BOISE — Shakespeare’s “Othello” is one of his most moving tragedies; it tells a poignant story of love, insecurity, and the poisonous influence of jealousy. As performed by the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, the play’s depth and beauty create a heartrending performance. The beautifully crafted monologues, impressive modern sets and […]

Review: Idaho Shakespeare’s engrossing “Othello” explores dark emotions, wit and heartbreak

  By Dana Oland- Published 8/08/10 Idaho Shakespeare Festival’s engrossing production of “Othello” which opened Saturday night, delves deep beneath the well-known theme of jealousy. Director Risa Brainin and her company uncover something more human, base and instinctual on which the tragedy turns. They point the finger at the doubt, fear, racism and unbridled […]

Idaho Shakespeare finds its ‘Othello’

It’s a great tragedy of intimate proportions -Idaho Statesman Published 8/6/2010 To produce “Othello,” you must have one main ingredient in place: your Othello, says director Risa Brainin. She and Idaho Shakespeare Festival producing artistic director Charlie Fee had been talking about the play for a while, but without the right actor, it was a […]