“The service and loyalty I owe, in doing it, pays itself.” Macbeth I.iv

Rules of the Road: We’ve just finished the second full official day of touring, and I thought I’d take a moment to give you a glimpse of what being on the road means. These are our “rules” by that, I mean, these are things that make all of our lives a lot easier on the […]

Shakespearience Macbeth Week 2 Video

Shakespearience cast of Macbeth shares their thoughts on week 2 of rehearsal.

Macbeth: Blood, Sweat, and Fears

We are now, officially in full swing of rehearsals for Shakespearience’s Macbeth. “Why, Whatever is this Shakespearience of which you speak?” one may ask, if they spoke in a very formal manner. Well, I could tell you, but it’s a rather lengthy explanation, and it turns out someone has already done all of that for […]

“I have begun to plant thee…” Duncan, 1.4

The first week of rehearsals have come to a close and things have started to take shape. This is a part of the process where the production is full of possibility and mystery and potential. It’s a little crazy to think we only have two more full weeks of rehearsing left before out first preview […]

Charles Fee on The City Club of Cleveland

Download the podcast from the live broadcast show from January 6th by clicking here. January 6, 2012 featuring Charles Fee, Producing Artistic Director, Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival. Charles Fee, of the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival, discusses the rewards and challenges of simultaneously serving as Producing Artistic Director for three professional theater companies in three different […]

Shakespearience: Macbeth. First Blog Post!

This time of year is probably the most exciting for those of us headed out on the Shakespearience 2012 tour. True, winter is starting to get even colder, the sun doesn’t seem to stay up nearly long enough, and all of the really exciting winter holidays have passed–but for us, today marked the very first […]