Christine is the Festival grant writer in her nineteenth season with ISF. She holds a BFA in art history from Boise State University with a specific interest in the art of Mexico. In her free time, she works to hide all the new baking pans, canning tools, and various kitchen gadgets she is inspired to buy—because of a slight baking addiction—from her husband, Tully, who often says, “Not another thing comes into this house unless something else goes out!” This summer, Christine plans on having a three month lie down on the sofa so she can come to terms with being the mother of a junior high student (What? How did that happen?), while knitting all the things, painting a little, obsessing about the raspberry bushes and tomato plants, while trying not to leave too many creative projects left half done on the countertops.  She sends large loves to Augustine and Sevy, the best flowers she ever grew, and her partner in crime, Mr. T. (Thanks for putting up with all the yarn piles and art supplies everywhere.)