On selected Wednesday through Saturday nights, May through August, the Festival presents a mini-concert series preceding the mainstage performance at 7:20 PM featuring various bands and performing artists. To see who is playing each evening please visit our calendar by clicking here and click on each play title for the evening’s performance details.

Greenshow Mini-Concert performances are generously sponsored by:

Our 2018 “House Bands”

Classical Revolution: Boise

An alternative to the concert hall in which classically trained local musicians perform in a relaxed atmosphere bringing classical music to the people of Boise. Founded in 2012, Classical Revolution: Boise has collaborated with many Boise institutions, including the Boise Art Museum and Story Story Night. Offering a wide range of musical styles, Classical Revolution: Boise musicians are just as likely to be heard performing with a symphony orchestra as they are at a coffee shop or bar.

The Frim Fram 4

The Frim Fram 4, based in Boise, Idaho, specializes in the classic tunes of the ’30s through the early ’60s. Their original instrumentation reflected that of the Nat King Cole trio, relying on vocals, piano, stand-up bass, and the exciting new sound of the electric guitar. Dr. Andrew Cortens on piano, Jonah Shue on electric guitar and violin, Greg Belzeski on drums and congas, Linus Enoksson on standup bass, and everyone joining in on vocals. (Old-school “gang singing” lives!) Their dedication to the musical style of the period has made them the most universally beloved musical group in Boise. Since 2001, the Frim Fram 4 has been entertaining audiences every Thursday night from 8:45 to midnight at Pengilly’s Saloon. While being the initial launch pad of this Space Age ensemble, Thursday night at Pengilly’s has gained such a following and notoriety that it was chosen as one of the Sexiest Places in the World to take and, yes, plant a smooch on a date by Cosmopolitan Magazine.,

Kevin Kirk Presents

Kevin Kirk creates music that expresses his consistent wonder at the boundless potential of music and his life-long dedication to artistic growth and the joyful communication of his discoveries with his audience. Whether performing his original compositions or offering fresh interpretations of jazz and popular standards, and whether collaborating with colleagues from a broad range of traditions or playing solo piano, Kevin continues to explore and expand musical frontiers. This season, Kevin will invite another musical artist to join him for each of his greenshow mini-concerts. These artists represent performers whom Kevin is especially excited to showcase and share with Idaho Shakespeare Festival audiences. Find Kevin’s seven albums on iTunes! Or visit

Something Wacky This Way Comes

The Fools are back… sort of. Tom Willmorth and Joe Golden (a.k.a. The Fool Squad, a.k.a. The Greenshow Guys) have returned to their writer’s garret to script a classic-style Greenshow for a new crop of “foolish performers.” Your food and wine may be safe (for now) as you sit back and enjoy a comedic look at Shakespeare’s tragedy of Mac… er… the Scottish… uh… that play where the guy does the thing and tries to get the… yeah, that one! Something Wacky This Way Comes.